Machynlleth ROC Post

The Machynlleth ROC post is situated on the edge of Machynlleth which sits in a valley at the start of a long  estuary, in the picture it is in the centre between the school playing field and the mountains.

The post itself is in a small compound down a farm track at the end of Gas Lane.

As with all posts the front door takes a bit of negotiating.

The post is dry and in very good condition and had not been touched much since being closed in 1991. Still having the original furnishings.

Still having some items as left at the time of closing... Who remembers cigarette vouchers... :-) Even the ashtray seemed to have the last dog ends in.

Even some original documentation still around.

After a bit of a tidy up it started to look a bit better.

Local sector map still on the wall.

Even though it was snowing and blowing a gale it was surprisingly warm inside just in shirt sleeves..

Next visit some decorating and installing the beds.